Looking For Volunteers To Drive Animals and Medical Patients 

We are in need of volunteers to drive non emergency medical patients to their appointments.

If you are able to contribute to this our our animal rescue relay teams, please sign up for more information at our Volunteer Driver newsletter.

This list is for the Olympia and surrounding area but anyone can sign up if you are interested in helping. 

We will be adding more cities and a dedicated volunteer page in the future but please, sign up now and help up build our ground transportation team!


Angel’s Wings Receives 501(c)3 status

Today was a very good day!

It is now official, Angel’s Wings Transport has received our IRS determination letter stating that we have been approved for tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 approved non-profit. This determination allows for the deduction of donations (check with your tax adviser), enrollment in various programs providing resources and fundraising services and various other benefits for both the organization and our supporters. Even though this determination was received on 26 September 2016, the status is retroactive to 17 August 2015. This means that any donations of money or services  from that date forward may be deductible (again, check with your tax adviser).

Below is the link to a copy of our determination letter.



South Sound Heart and Stroke Walk 2016


I am helping to raise money for the American Heart Association by participating in Heart Walk 2016. My personal goal is to raise $100 for the association and I’m asking for your help. A donation of as little as $1 goes a long way! Please share this message with your friends and help me to help this wonderful cause!

Please click the image above to be taken to the donation page or click the message below for more information.

Click to be taken to the event page for details!

Give a home to Corazon!

UPDATE – Click to read about Corazon!

Shadow’s Fund needs your helping finding a home for this wonderful dog.
Shadow's Fund's photo.
Shadow's Fund's photo.Shadow's Fund's photo.

Corazon is raising his paw hoping someone will notice him. The last place a senior dog belongs is in a shelter laying on cold concrete floors. This sweet old man has spent the last couple months at the Santa Maria shelter and though he is too polite to complain, we know he’d really appreciate a soft bed and a home where he can live out his golden years.

Shadow’s Fund is full and there is no space at the sanctuary. But we will be the support system and safety net for this guy. We can provide his medical care and an other special needs if you can provide love and a safe home. Even if you can only foster, please reach out. Let’s save a life together today folks! If you would like to discuss bringing Corazon home, please email us at info@shadowsfund.org.

Fundraising ideas

We are looking for ideas for fundraising events. We have already been blessed to receive some help through a motorcycle poker run so we were thinking that a classic car or an airplane poker run would be a great way to follow that up.

We are willing to entertain any ideas and are also looking for volunteers to help coordinate, advertise and staff whatever fundraiser that we decide to pursue.

So far we have the following ideas:

Poker run – airplane and / or  classic cars.

Handy-man auction – a day of help around the house with simple repairs or tasks.

Flightseeing raffle – selling tickets for a flightseeing trip around the Puget Sound (some legal issues may exist)

50/50 raffle – sell tickets and split the total with the winner. (some legal issues may exist)


$300 Grant Provided To A Soldier

Today was a good day even though it started out with a problem from one of my Soldiers. I was approached by a Soldier with a question about a pay issue. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do for this young man and was forced to tell him that it could be a couple of weeks before he received his pay. Due to circumstances beyond his control he has found himself without a paycheck for the last couple of weeks and no exact payment date. While his housing and food are covered, his car payment is not and we all know how important having a car in this area can be.

He didn’t ask for help, he simply wanted to know why he hadn’t been paid and revealed that his pay had been messed up long enough that if he missed this payment, he would lose his car. I wanted to simply issue a check from the Angel’s Wings treasury but even if we had the money, things like this aren’t covered in our charter or bylaws.

Fortunately there is a non-profit on post that is able to help. I don’t have permission to share their name so I won’t but I wanted to say thank you to those that stepped up without question to help this individual. $300 might not sound like much to some but it really can be a game changer for others and for this Soldier receiving this money made the light appear at the end of the tunnel. We all know that bad things only happen when we aren’t ready for them and that is exactly the situation that this Soldier is in. If this pay issue were to have happened at any other time he could have handled the situation but because of his current circumstances, this has become a major event in his life.

I was able to visit with the non-profit and explain the situation on his behalf. I wasn’t in the office for more than 5 minutes when the President of the organization authorized a grant in excess of the necessary amount to help this Soldier. Today I was able to approach this Soldier and hand him a check that helped keep his life in order while everything else was trying to tear it apart. Today was a good day.

Thank you Ressurection MC

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you note to Brian Thomas and his people over at the South King County chapter of Resurrection MC for their support this last weekend. I find it difficult to ask perfect strangers to trust me with their hard earned money so I felt like I should spend some time with the members of the MC and at least explain where their money was going.

My wife injured her knee at work the day before and didn’t think that she could keep up with a 4 year old or an 11 month old that is now walking when she could hardly stand on her own. I for one don’t blame her… those guys run me ragged! Even though I didn’t participate in the poker run like I wanted to, members of the MC were very welcoming and even poked their heads around the corner to say hi to my wife and kids in the car.

I met up with some other members of the MC at the park in Maple Valley and even though I hadn’t been introduced, they were just as welcoming and friendly of bunch as you could ever want to meet. Brian and the guys on the poker run hadn’t returned and my kids were sleeping so we decided to go for a short drive while we waited for the group to return. About two hours later we returned to find Brian jumping in his truck to take care of one of the guys crashed bikes. I found that one of the riders wrecked his bike and was out with a broken arm and Brian was going to retrieve the bike for his buddy.

The funny thing is, Brian was still concerned with getting me the donations from the ride even though he had all of these other things to worry about and deal with. I didn’t want to get in the way so I told him to not worry about it and he still was trying to tell me that my wife and kids were more than welcome to go and hang out with everyone. Unfortunately my wife had a final test for one of her online classes that was due in only a few hours so we had to leave.

So, to make an already long post longer, thank you so very much for supporting us this year and I hope that you all had a great time. Also, I wish for a quick recovery for your friend and would love to see photos or video of the jousting!

Pilots Needed For Animal Rescue CO to WA – Apr 2016

Pilots needed for animal rescue!

We have a military family that is facing a deployment very soon. The husband will be going to a combat zone while the wife is returning to a location outside of the United States and can not bring their rescued American Bulldog / Border Collie mix with her.

The request is to return this dog to the rescue in Kirkland, Washington from Colorado Springs, Colorado so it can be placed with a new family.

We are looking for a pilot or pilots to make this transport happen as soon as possible.

We are looking at 3 flight segments that would look something like this:
Colorado Springs (KCOS) to Rock Springs, Wyoming (KRKS) and then to Boise, Idaho (KBOI) before finally making it into Auburn (S50) .

We simply don’t have the money to fly the entire flight or we would handle it ourselves. Because of this we are looking for pilots that can help out on this and possibly future flights.

We like to think that we are “Changing a life with every flight!”. Will you join us?